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Prenatal Care for a Healthy Baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Did you know that many things you do while you’re pregnant can affect your baby’s health? Do all you can to give your baby a good start in life. This includes:

  • No smoking, alcohol, or illegal drugs. These harm you and your baby. If you use any of these, ask your healthcare provider for help to quit now.

  • Exercising daily. Exercise is good for you and your baby. Talk to your healthcare provider about ways to exercise.

  • Eating the right foods. Eating well while you’re pregnant helps your baby grow and be healthy. It also helps you gain a healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy. Your healthcare provider can tell you more.

  • Staying well. If you are currently being treated for a mental health problem, talk with your provider about how pregnancy could affect your mental health. A healthy mental well-being is important for your unborn child.

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is medical care during your pregnancy. It can include:

  • Checkups and tests to make sure you and your baby are doing OK.

  • Treatment for any health problems you have while you’re pregnant.

  • Help with eating healthier foods, getting enough exercise, or quitting smoking or drinking.

  • Learning about pregnancy and preparing for labor and birth.

Why you need prenatal care

Prenatal care helps you have a healthy baby. It also helps you stay healthy during pregnancy. Prenatal care can also:

  • Reduce the risks of harm to you and your baby.

  • Help you learn ways to feel better while you’re pregnant.

  • Give you support and advice on taking care of yourself and your baby.

  • Find certain problems that start during pregnancy (such as gestational diabetes) so they can be treated.

Questions for your healthcare provider

Some questions to ask your healthcare provider include:

  • How often should I come in for prenatal care, and why?

  • What changes should I make while I’m pregnant to keep my baby and me healthy?

  • What can I do to prepare for my baby’s birth?

  • Will you be delivering my baby or will someone else? If you are not available when I go into labor, who will deliver my baby?

  • How will my current medicines affect my baby? Could my medicines already have affected my baby?

  • Do you offer prenatal childbirth classes?

  • Do you offer breastfeeding classes?

To learn more

The resources below can tell you more about staying healthy while pregnant.

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