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Personal Daily Sleep Diary

A daily sleep diary is a way for you and your healthcare provider to learn more about your sleep. A sleep diary is a vital part of changing your sleep patterns. A sleep diary can help you both see:

  • What your bed and wake times are

  • How much sleep you’re actually getting

  • How daily habits may affect your sleep

  • What changes you can make to your sleep habits

  • How those changes affect the quality of your sleep

  • If you should be tested for a sleep disorder

Tips for filling out your sleep diary

It’s important to fill out a sleep diary every day. This way, your healthcare provider can track your sleep patterns over time. It’s best to do it first thing in the morning. It can be very hard to remember details after a day or two. Your information does not need to be perfect. Just do the best you can at estimating times and details.


See the entire personal sleep diary and print it out.

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