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What to Ask If You Have High Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, having a good relationship with your healthcare provider is an important step to take to manage it. Some questions to ask during your next visit include:

  • What is my blood pressure reading in numbers?

  • What is my blood pressure goal?

  • Is there a healthy eating plan that I should follow to help lower my blood pressure and lose weight?

  • Is it safe for me to do regular physical activity?

  • What is the name of my medicine? What is the generic name?

  • What are the possible side effects of my medicine?

  • What time of day should I take my blood pressure medicine?

  • Should I take it with or without food?

  • What should I do if I forget to take my blood pressure medicine at the recommended time?

The “My Blood Pressure Wallet Card” can help you keep track of your medicines and blood pressure readings. It also has the list of the questions above to ask your healthcare provider. Click here to print out your own blood pressure wallet card.

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