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The My HealtheVet Healtheliving Assessment: The Value of "Health Age"

Do you know your “health age?” Your health age is a measure of your overall health compared with other people your age. It estimates how your lifestyle and other health factors will affect how long you live.

Taking the HealtheLiving Assessment is a great way to find out your health age. Knowing your health age is a great way to look at your overall health. It can help motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle and possibly even a longer life.

The Healtheliving Assessment

The Healtheliving Assessment is the VA’s free online health risk assessment. It gathers information about your health and lifestyle using a set of questions. Your answers to these questions are used to create reports that sum up your current health status. It also provides recommendations for a personalized preventive health care plan.

Man working at a laptop computer
A Veteran completing the Healtheliving Assessment.

Some benefits of the assessment are:

  • It’s private

  • It’s available 24/7 through My HealtheVet

  • Questions are personalized based on your responses

  • Screening, information, and resources are customized to the unique needs of Veterans

Learn more about your health

The Healtheliving Assessment gives people a way to look at their personal health habits and choices. This will help Veterans understand the effect of their health behaviors on their risks for chronic disease and injury. The reports include suggestions of ways to improve your health status and reduce disease risks.

There are two types of reports:

Sample summary report

  1. A personalized summary report that includes:

    • Estimated “health age" based on current health history and habits

    • Lifestyle review for diet, physical activity, stress, alcohol, tobacco, and safety

    • Risks of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke, colorectal, lung, and breast cancers

    • Recommendations for reducing health age and disease risks

    • The ability to let Veterans choose recommendations and recalculate health age, lifestyle assessment, and disease risks

  2. A detailed full report that provides:

    • Additional important information about your health

    • Recommendations for making changes to improve your health

    • Resources for more information

These reports can be printed and saved online. This way Veterans can share these reports with their health care team as they work on their preventive health care goals.

How to get started

Click here to take the Healtheliving Assessment. You must be a registered user of MyHealtheVet to take the assessment. It takes just a few minutes to sign up for a My HealtheVet account. Registration is open for Veterans as well as nonVeterans.

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