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Violent Behavior and Schizophrenia

Most people living with schizophrenia aren’t violent and don’t show any violent behavior. However, some symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions of persecution, may be linked with the possibility of violent behavior. Here are some signs that you or someone you love might get violent:

  • Talking about violence, especially when directed toward specific people or groups of people (such as past coworkers) or places, such as churches or government buildings

  • Writing or drawing about death and violence

  • Behaving aggressively such as teasing and taunting other people by calling them names; threatening, making fun of, or playing mind games with other people; or making threatening phone calls

  • Buying or talking about having weapons or other means, such as poisons, that could hurt or kill people

  • Telling someone that you hear voices telling you to hurt or kill another person

  • Drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs more frequently in combination with the other signs listed here

If you or your loved one experience any of these signs, talk with their treatment team as soon as possible. They will be able to help you feel better, and this will reduce the risk of you or your loved one becoming violent.

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