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What's Important to Know?

You can play an active role when you visit with your health care team. To get the most out of your visit, plan the questions you want to ask and the things you want to discuss, and be sure to leave the visit with information about your care. Here are some specific ways to be more involved in your health care and get the most out of your next visit:

Before your visit:

  • Write down your health questions and concerns

  • Make a list of all the medications you take, including vitamins and supplements to bring to the visit

  • Get additional information from the Veterans Health Library and My HealtheVet

During your visit:

  • Bring a family member to help you remember what you and your team discuss

  • Share your health questions, problems, and concerns with your team at the beginning of your visit

  • Tell your team about your past illnesses/hospitalizations, medications, and any problems you may be experiencing

  • Tell your team about your needs and preferences for treatment and your health

  • Work with your team to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and be involved in making decisions about your care

  • Know your medications and why you take them, and ask for written instructions and information to take home with you

  • Ask your team to clarify anything that’s confusing, and speak up if you have concerns or think something is wrong

  • Ask when and how you will get test results and additional treatments

After your visit:

  • Get additional information from the Veterans Health Library and My HealtheVet

  • Tell your team if you have problems following your care plan, or if there is a change in your conditions or health

Want to Know More?

If you want to learn more about how to be involved in your health care, talk with your VA health care team. They can also help if you have questions about or interest in making a healthy living change. For more information go to:


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