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What to Do if You Have Kidney Disease

If your healthcare provider tells you that you have kidney disease, you may feel worried. What is kidney disease? And where do you go from here?

You may have been born with a kidney problem. Or the disease may be the result of another health problem. Either way, learning more about kidney disease can help you live a healthier life. Kidney disease can lead to anemia, hypertension, and bone disease. It also boosts your risk for heart disease and premature death.

With simple measures, you can protect your kidneys from damage, starting with controlling your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Diet and exercise are also important to help you feel and live better.

The VA eKidneyClinic is an interactive website that is chock full of helpful information and tips to help Veterans like you learn more about kidney disease. It offers: 

  • Tips to help you get the right amount of protein, and manage potassium, sodium, and fluids

  • Information about lab tests, types of treatment, and medicines that healthcare providers may prescribe

Veteran’s resources for care and benefits Use this information to talk with your healthcare provider about your treatment. By working together as a team, you will be able to better manage your kidney disease. 

Click here to visit the eKidneyClinic now.


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