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Veterans Health Library (VHL) – Welcome and Web Tour!

Since 2013, the VHL offers Veterans, family members, and caregivers 24/7 access to comprehensive, Veteran-focused health information.

The Library is a one-stop source for health information to help Veterans stay well and well-informed. There are over 1,500 health sheets, over 150 videos, Go-to-Guides, and Flipbooks that have been approved by VA experts, and include topics specific to Veterans, for example, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), combat-related Traumatic Brain Injury, Agent Orange, and Cold Injury. All health information is available to Veterans, their family and the public, no matter where the Veteran receives care.

The Veterans Health Library (VHL) has a fresh, new look and feel that improves the users' experience to make it more responsive to users' needs:

  • The VHL’s Home Page sports a new layout designed for easier viewing and use and allows the Library to now be viewed on both mobile devices and laptop computers.
  • Print and social media icons are now larger for easier access.
  • Users can now see the subtopics when they move their cursor over a menu topic, and can see the trail of pages they’ve visited more easily.
  • The Search and A-Z tools are larger and easier to find, and appear under the navigation bar on each VHL page.
  • Search terms also have been narrowed so that users have fewer results to review, and instructions help them get more specific search results.
  • A new feature, the En Español button, translates the entire top navigation into Spanish; clicking the En Inglés button translates the text back to English.

Welcome to your new and improved Veterans Health Library. Come on in…browse around…and see for yourself. Stay Healthy!

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