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What’s in a Physical Activity Program? - VHL HealthSheet #82082_VA
An exercise program includes more than just your daily activity. Be sure to warm up before you start and cool down when you’re done.
Physical Activity: Getting the Most from Your Minutes - VHL HealthSheet #85147_VA
Your exercise goal is a total of 30 minutes on most days. Be sure you’re getting the most from your time spent being active. You’re working your heart and lungs. Try adding a few activities for other muscles in your body, too.
Physical Activity: Adding Intensity - VHL HealthSheet #85149_VA
Once you get the hang of exercising 30 minutes most days of the week, you can move on to the next stage. Do this by increasing the intensity. This means doing your activity in one or more of these ways: Longer. Faster. More often.
Physical Activity: Measuring Your Pace - VHL HealthSheet #85151_VA
Getting your heart to work at the right pace means you’ll develop better aerobic endurance. A stronger heart can pump more oxygen to your muscles. Then you don’t tire as quickly during your hobbies, sports, or daily activities.
Walking for Fitness - VHL HealthSheet #87916_VA
Fitness walking has something for everyone, even people who are already fit. Walking is one of the safest ways to condition your body aerobically. It can boost energy, help you lose weight, and reduce stress.
A Sample Walking Program - VHL HealthSheet #87918_VA
Experts recommend walking briskly at least 30 minutes per day, most days of the week. Walking programs can help you reach this goal by gradually increasing the frequency and time you walk.
Physical Activity: Fitting It into Your Life - VHL HealthSheet #85145_VA
Recent studies show that several short activity breaks during the day can add up to better health. You don’t have to fit your life around activity. Instead, you can fit activity into your daily life.
Physical Activity: Warm Up, Cool Down, Stretch, and Strengthen - VHL HealthSheet #85141_VA
Good warm-ups and cool-downs can keep you from getting hurt when you do more intense aerobic activities that last 30 minutes or longer.
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Did You Know?

Physical activity is anything that gets you moving, from vigorous household chores to briskly walking the dog. Try to do something active every day. 

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