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Eat Wisely

Eating Wisely

Eating Wisely

Walter is like you. He can remember a time when he didn't worry about what or how much he ate. Do you know what else he remembers? Sitting in the doctor's office with his dad when the doctor diagnosed his dad with diabetes. His Dad was Walter's age. Walter is determined to improve his health but he doesn't know where to start... so he begins by asking his doctor.

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Facts About Healthy Eating
Why does good nutrition matter? Find out how what you eat affects your body, why diets don’t work, and more.
Tools for Healthy Eating
Tools like food labels are a big help when you’re trying to eat healthier. Learn how to read them, judge serving sizes, choose snacks, and more.
Understanding Fat & Cholesterol
The body needs some fat and cholesterol to work. But too much is harmful to the body. Know what fats to choose and what to limit to stay healthy.
Understanding MyPlate
MyPlate was developed to give the basics for eating healthy day-to-day. It’s a tool that can help you make healthier food choices.
Understanding Salt & Sodium
Eating too much salt can be harmful. Find out where salt may be hidden in your diet and how to make healthy changes.
Understanding Supplements
Our bodies need vitamins and minerals to function. It’s best to get nutrients in food. But supplements can help if you don’t get enough of certain nutrients in your diet.
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