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Facts About Healthy Eating

Eating Healthy: Good Nutrition Quiz - VHL HealthSheet #84538_VA
To test your nutrition knowledge, answer the questions below as either True or False.
Understanding Good Food Choices - VHL HealthSheet #84540_VA
Remember these four key points, which are the basics of good nutrition: Balance. Eat a mix of different types of food from each level of the pyramid. Variety. Choose a wide range of foods of different colors. Flexibility. Find an eating plan that fits your schedule and tastes. Moderation. Avoid too much of any one food.
How Food Moves Through Your Body - VHL HealthSheet #84732_VA
Here is an explanation of how food moves through your body and what each part of your digestive tract does.
Eating a Vegetarian Diet - VHL HealthSheet #88757_VA
A vegetarian diet is based on plant foods. It includes fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, and nuts. Some vegetarians also eat dairy foods and eggs.
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