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Caring for Dementia: What to Expect - VHL HealthSheet #41448_VA
Learning that a loved one has dementia can be overwhelming. Dementia affects how a person functions and communicates.
Caring for Dementia: Safety Checklists - VHL HealthSheet #41449_VA
A person with dementia is more at risk for accidents, falls, burns, poisoning, and other safety issues. But you can help prevent problems like these with some planning and preparation.
Caring for Dementia: Communicating with Your Loved One - VHL HealthSheet #41450_VA
Dementia makes it more difficult over time for a person to think clearly, remember things, and communicate with others. But there are things you can do to communicate better.
Caring for Dementia: Coping with Hallucinations, Delusions, and Paranoia - VHL HealthSheet #41451_VA
Dementia is a change in brain function that causes problems with thinking, memory, and behavior. People with dementia may also have problems with how they perceive things.
Caring for Dementia: Legal and Financial Planning - VHL HealthSheet #41452_VA
After a diagnosis of dementia, you may have a lot of questions about finances. Dementia is a long-term illness.
Caring for Dementia: Advance Care Planning - VHL HealthSheet #41453_VA
Advance care planning is the process of making choices about your own future medical care. An advance directive is a legal form that states a person’s preferences about his or her future medical and mental healthcare.
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