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Controlling Triggers

Understanding Asthma Triggers - VHL HealthSheet #82441_VA
Triggers are substances or conditions that cause the airways of the lungs to become inflamed and swollen. Some triggers can also set off an asthma attack. In order to control your asthma, you need to control your triggers. Learn which triggers you are sensitive to.
Controlling Asthma Triggers: Irritants - VHL HealthSheet #82469_VA
Things that pollute the air at home, work, or outdoors may bother your lungs if you have asthma. These things are hard to avoid. They include smoke, perfume, sprays, and car exhaust. These tips may help you stay away from them.
Controlling Your Triggers: Allergens - VHL HealthSheet #82471_VA
If you have allergies, being around allergens can lead to swollen, inflamed airways. You need to control these triggers to prevent asthma flare-ups. The following tips can help you. Medications or allergy shots may also be suggested.
Controlling Other Triggers - VHL HealthSheet #82479_VA
The weather. Food habits. Illness. Many things may trigger your asthma symptoms. Then do what you can to control these triggers. This may mean avoiding certain situations or things, or just learning to relax. These tips may help.
Exercising with Asthma - VHL HealthSheet #82935_VA
Exercise is good for everyone, including people with asthma. Exercise can improve your health. It also helps your body make better use of oxygen. This can reduce asthma symptoms. Just be sure your exercise program is one designed to keep your asthma under control.
Controlling Allergens: Dust Mites - VHL HealthSheet #83624_VA
Dust mites are perhaps the most common cause of nasal allergies. They thrive in warm, humid conditions.
Controlling Asthma Triggers: Animals - VHL HealthSheet #84385_VA
You may notice you have asthma and allergy problems when you are around certain animals. Having allergies to animals can trigger asthma flare-ups. The allergy is to an animal’s dander (dry skin flakes), feathers, droppings, and saliva.
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