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Protecting Your Back & Neck

Protecting Your Neck: Posture and Body Mechanics - VHL HealthSheet #40037_VA
Protecting your neck from injuries and pain involves practicing good posture and body mechanics.
Caring for Your Back Throughout the Day - VHL HealthSheet #84811_VA
To take care of your back, try to warm up before you move and shift positions often.
Back Safety: Bending - VHL HealthSheet #82342_VA
Here are tips on how to move safely and protect your back when you need to bend.
Back Safety: Getting Into and Out of Bed - VHL HealthSheet #82341_VA
Good posture protects your back when you sit, stand, and walk. It's also important while getting into and out of bed.
Back Safety: Lifting - VHL HealthSheet #82345_VA
Here's how to keep your back safe while you bend, lift, and carry.
Back Safety: Pushing and Pulling - VHL HealthSheet #82347_VA
Pushing can be hard on your back, but pulling can be even harder. So, push rather than pull when you can.
Back Safety: Sitting - VHL HealthSheet #82349_VA
Sitting can strain your back if you don't do it right. Learn the right moves to protect your back.
Back Safety: Sleeping Positions - VHL HealthSheet #82348_VA
When you sleep, keep your ears, shoulders and hips in line.
Back Safety: Standing - VHL HealthSheet #82350_VA
Good posture decreases back pain by reducing strain on your muscles.
Back Safety: Turning - VHL HealthSheet #82351_VA
Protect your back while you stand or turn. Turning can twist your spine if you don't do it correctly.
Back Safety: Basics of Good Posture - VHL HealthSheet #84801_VA
Your body works best when it's properly aligned. Aim for good posture throughout the day.
Back Safety: Poor Posture Hurts - VHL HealthSheet #84805_VA
An unhealthy spine often starts with bad habits. Poor movement patterns and posture problems are common causes of back pain. Disk, bone, nerve, and soft tissue problems can all be affected by poor posture.
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