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Understanding Your Back & Neck


Back Basics: A Healthy Spine - VHL HealthSheet #84807_VA
A healthy spine supports the body while letting it move freely. It does this with the help of three natural curves. Strong, flexible muscles help, too. They support the spine by keeping its curves properly aligned.
Anatomy of a Normal Spine - VHL HealthSheet #84747_VA
The spinal column is a stack of bones (vertebrae) that are separated by soft pads of tissue (disks). Each of these bones has a canal that runs top to bottom. Together these canals form a tunnel called the spinal canal.
Know Your Neck: The Cervical Spine - VHL HealthSheet #85973_VA
When your neck’s bones, disks, and muscles are in good condition, they allow you to move your head freely and without pain.
How Your Back Works - VHL HealthSheet #82320_VA
Your spine has three natural curves and strong, flexible muscles for support. Soft, cushioning disks separate the hard bones of your spine.
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