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Life After a Heart Attack


Cardiac Rehabilitation - VHL HealthSheet #82065_VA
Cardiac rehabilitation (“cardiac rehab”) is a program designed by your health care team that will not only help you recover, but also reduce your risk for future heart problems. Your cardiac rehab program may begin while you’re in the hospital. After you’re discharged, you may go to a special facility for scheduled rehab classes.
Cardiac Rehabilitation: Following an Exercise Program - VHL HealthSheet #84237_VA
A big part of a cardiac rehab program is exercise. Regular exercise will make your heart and coronary arteries healthier. It helps increase strength, lower blood pressure, relieve stress, and control your weight.
Cardiac Rehabilitation: Emotional Issues - VHL HealthSheet #84235_VA
Having CAD (heart disease) can be stressful. You may have worries about your health and future. If you ignore these feelings, they can slow your recovery.
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