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Angina & Heart Attack

Symptoms of a Heart Attack - VHL HealthSheet #82005_VA
A heart attack is an urgent message from your heart that it’s starved for oxygen. When oxygen-rich blood to your heart is blocked by a clot, heart muscle begins to die and symptoms of a heart attack start.
What Is Angina? - VHL HealthSheet #82001_VA
Angina is a warning that the heart muscle is not getting enough oxygen-rich blood. Medication, certain medical procedures, and lifestyle changes can help control angina.
Recognizing a Heart Attack or Angina - VHL HealthSheet #83877_VA
Normally, your body warns you of a problem by making you feel pain. But over time, high blood sugar damages nerves in your body. This may keep you from feeling pain caused by a heart problem.
Heart Attack: Signs and Symptoms - VHL Video
Millions of Americans suffer heart attacks every year. Half of these are fatal, and some of the rest cause severe damage to heart's function. This video explains what happens during a heart attack and what can be done to minimize the damage.
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Did You Know?

At the first sign of a heart attack, call 911. Emergency medical staff can begin treatment the moment they arrive on the scene, and quick action saves lives. 

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