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Women & Heart Disease

Women and Heart Disease: What Women Need to Know - VHL HealthSheet #87051_VA
Women may be surprised to learn heart disease is the biggest threat to their health—even more so than breast cancer. And the same factors that put women at risk of a heart attack also increase their chances of stroke and other health problems. If your heart’s in trouble, your body may send you warning signs. It’s up to you to notice these and talk to your healthcare provider about them.
Women and Heart Disease: Understanding the Risks - VHL HealthSheet #87055_VA
You can manage most risk factors to help make your heart healthier. Below are factors that increase your risk for having heart disease.
Women and Heart Disease: Tips for Making Small Changes - VHL HealthSheet #87053_VA
Making even one lifestyle change for your heart reduces your risk for heart disease. Change is hard for everyone, so take it one step at a time. Here are some tips to help you get started on making changes that are good for your heart.
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