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Decision Aid Tools for Managing Type 2 Diabetes

If you have diabetes, the VA’s decision aid tools can help you find out more about managing it. Learn through articles, videos, and infographics. And access the tools on any device. When you are done, print out a summary to share with your health care provider.

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What Is Diabetes?

When you have diabetes, your body has trouble using energy from the food you eat.

How to Manage Diabetes

Managing diabetes means controlling your blood sugar. Taking medications, eating right, and getting regular exercise help you do this.

Type 2 Diabetes - View 'Type 2 Diabetes' video

Updated with new animations, this program explains how insulin resistance can lead to pre-diabetes and then to Type 2 Diabetes.

Preventing Long-Term Problems

In time, high blood sugar causes serious health problems. Know how to prevent this, and how to plan for travel and sick days.

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