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How to Manage Diabetes

Controlling Blood Sugar

How to Check Your Blood Sugar - VHL HealthSheet #82104_VA
Monitoring the level of sugar (glucose) in your blood is the key to controlling your diabetes. To be sure your glucose and insulin are in balance, check your blood sugar regularly. You can check your blood sugar level by using a blood glucose meter. Here's how.
Using a Blood Sugar Log - VHL HealthSheet #40482_VA
To help manage your diabetes, check your blood sugar level as directed by your healthcare provider. Keep a log of your blood sugar levels to help you track it.
Managing Your Glucose Level for Diabetes and Kidney Disease - VHL HealthSheet #83208_VA
Test your blood glucose level as often as directed. Talk with your health care provider if your glucose level is often under 80 or above 200.
Managing Diabetes: The A1C Test - VHL HealthSheet #87912_VA
The A1C is a blood test done by your healthcare provider. You will likely have an A1C test every 3 months.
Your Diabetes Toolkit - VHL HealthSheet #89529_VA
Do you find it hard to keep track of your supplies? Make it easy by putting together a diabetes toolkit.
Step-by-Step: Checking Your Blood Sugar - VHL HealthSheet #90339_VA
Illustrations to show you how to check your blood sugar.
Step-by-Step: Giving Yourself an Insulin Shot - VHL HealthSheet #90341_VA
Eight steps to giving yourself an insulin shot are illustrated here.
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