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Exercising When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes: The Benefits of Exercise - VHL HealthSheet #84704_VA
Even small movements can greatly improve your health. Simple activity can also boost your mental outlook. And you may spend less money on your health care. Think of it this way: Small steps may take you a long distance.
Exercise to Manage Your Blood Sugar - VHL HealthSheet #82124_VA
Daily exercise can lower your blood sugar level, help you control your weight, and improve your circulation, blood pressure, and heart health. It can also give you more energy, make you stronger, and help relieve stress.
Diabetes: Getting Started with Exercise - VHL HealthSheet #84706_VA
Simple and small movements can get you started exercising. You don’t need to join a gym to start moving. Make it easy on yourself and you will be able to make exercising a habit. Slow, gentle, and easy is the way to begin to make exercising part of your life.
Diabetes: Activity Tips - VHL HealthSheet #84708_VA
Once you become more active, you may be ready to increase the pace. Choose an exercise you enjoy. Just be sure to warm up, cool down, and stay safe. And learn when it’s time to stop exercising.
Before You Start Your Diabetes Exercise Plan - VHL HealthSheet #89497_VA
Fitness plays a special role for people who have diabetes. Being fit means becoming healthier by adding activity to your day.
Diabetes: Tracking Your Fitness Progress - VHL HealthSheet #89503_VA
Tracking your fitness progress can help you improve your long-term health. Seeing how far you’ve come may motivate you to do more.
Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI) - VHL HealthSheet #84627_VA
Body mass index (BMI) is a way of finding a healthyweight. The higher your BMI, the greater your risk for obesity and health problems. Use this chart.
Type 1 Diabetes: Getting Active - VHL HealthSheet #89521_VA
Activity can help you control your weight, strengthen your body, and feel healthy. It also helps lower your risk of heart disease.
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