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Diabetes: Living Your Life - VHL HealthSheet #86171_VA
Having diabetes may mean adjustments at work and in your social life. But these changes need not keep you from succeeding at work and enjoying your leisure time.
Diabetes: Sick-Day Plan - VHL HealthSheet #82136_VA
When you're sick, even with just a cold, your blood sugar level may rise. Ask your healthcare team to help you develop a sick-day plan for controlling blood sugar.
Planning for Travel When You Have Diabetes - VHL HealthSheet #82138_VA
Taking care of yourself means developing a routine for things like meals, exercising, and taking medication. But sometimes this routine is disrupted when you travel. Your healthcare team can help you work out a plan to prepare for unexpected situations.
Diabetes: Driving Issues - VHL HealthSheet #86167_VA
Managing diabetes means developing a routine for things like meals, exercise, and taking medication. It also means making changes in some of your activities, such as driving, to help keep you and those around you safe.
Managing Stress When You Have Diabetes - VHL HealthSheet #89517_VA
Too much stress or sadness can actually affect your blood sugar. Learn to watch for signs of these feelings. And know that you can get help.
Preventing Falls: Make Your Health a Priority - VHL HealthSheet #89339_VA
Having a health problem can make you more likely to fall. Taking certain kinds of medicines may also increase your risk of falls. So, improving your health can help you avoid a fall. Work with your healthcare provider to manage health problems and to review your medicines.
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