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What Is Diabetes?

Prediabetes - VHL HealthSheet #40904_VA
Prediabetes is a disease where the body’s cells have trouble using glucose in the blood for energy.
Insulin Resistance and Prediabetes - VHL HealthSheet #333_VA
If you have insulin resistance or prediabetes, you may be able to reverse or delay getting type 2 diabetes.
Metabolic Syndrome and Prediabetes - VHL HealthSheet #19800_VA
Metabolic syndrome is marked by higher levels of glucose in the blood. That's also a sign of pre-diabetes.
Prediabetes Quiz
Take this quiz to find out how to decrease your risk of developing diabetes.
What is Type 1 Diabetes? - VHL HealthSheet #82100_VA
Diabetes is a chronic (lifelong) condition that keeps your body from turning food into energy. When you have type 1 diabetes, your body stops making insulin. Without insulin, your cells can't get fuel to burn for energy. This is why you may feel weak or tired.
What Is Type 2 Diabetes? - VHL HealthSheet #82102_VA
Type 2 diabetes is a chronic (lifelong) condition that keeps your body from turning food into energy. That's why you feel tired and run-down. Controlling your diabetes means making some changes that may be hard at first. Controlling the level of sugar in your bloodstream is the key to managing your diabetes.
High Blood Sugar: Hyperglycemia - VHL HealthSheet #82094_VA
Too much glucose (sugar) in your blood is called hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. It can be caused by eating too much food, especially carbohydrates, by not being active, or by not taking your medicine.
Getting Support When You Have Diabetes - VHL HealthSheet #89515_VA
The job of controlling your blood sugar is mostly up to you. But your diabetes healthcare team is there to help.
Resources for People with Diabetes - VHL HealthSheet #82098_VA
Living with diabetes means making many changes in your life, and these changes may seem overwhelming. When you feel down, reach out to your family and friends, and to your healthcare team. Here are a list of other resources.
Do You Have Diabetes? - VHL HealthSheet #89509_VA
Diabetes is a condition in which your body has trouble using a sugar called glucose for energy. As a result, the sugar level in your blood becomes too high. It is a lifelong condition.
Step-by-Step: Checking Your Blood Sugar - VHL HealthSheet #90339_VA
Illustrations to show you how to check your blood sugar.
Step-by-Step: Giving Yourself an Insulin Shot - VHL HealthSheet #90341_VA
Eight steps to giving yourself an insulin shot are illustrated here.
Diabetes, Type 2 - VHL Video
Updated with new animations, this program explains how insulin resistance can lead to pre-diabetes and then to Type 2 Diabetes. A straightforward explanation of risk factors along with signs and symptoms and complications encourages the viewer to start thinking about lifestyle changes.
Diabetes, Type 1 - VHL Video
Recently updated to focus on patients diagnosed when an adult. Updated animations of blood glucose and insulin interaction provide a better understanding of Type 1 diabetes. Explains how Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented and helps patients learn how to manage the condition. Covers common risk factors, as well as treatment options and side effects. Also available in Spanish.
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Did You Know?

Women who have had gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy) have a 35% to 60% chance of developing diabetes in the next 10 to 20 years.

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