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Heart Failure: Evaluating Your Heart - VHL HealthSheet #86179_VA
To evaluate your condition, your doctor will examine you, ask questions, and run tests. Along with looking for signs of heart failure, the doctor looks for any other health problems that may have led to heart failure.
Electrocardiogram (ECG) - VHL HealthSheet #82010_VA
The ECG (also known as EKG) is a test that records electrical signals from your heart onto a paper strip. The pattern of these signals can tell the doctor whether your heart is normal, under stress, or experiencing electrical problems, strain, or damage.
Echocardiography (Echo) - VHL HealthSheet #82009_VA
An echocardiogram (echo) is an imaging test. It helps your doctor evaluate your heart. Here is how it works.
Stress Echocardiography (Echo) - VHL HealthSheet #82070_VA
Stress echocardiography, or stress echo, is a test that records images of your heart before and after exercise. By comparing the images, your doctor can tell whether your heart is getting enough blood to meet its increased demand for oxygen.
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