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Tips for Using Less Salt - VHL HealthSheet #82050_VA
Most people with heart problems, including high blood pressure, need to eat less salt, or sodium. Here are ideas on how to do that.
Reading Food Labels - VHL HealthSheet #82078_VA
Comparing labels will help you choose foods that are low in fat, cholesterol, sodium (salt) and calories.
How to Judge the Size of Servings - VHL HealthSheet #82079_VA
Some foods are weighed in ounces. Some are measured in spoons or cups. Others, like fruits, are based on an average, or medium, size. Here are some serving sizes and tips to help you judge just what 1 serving looks like.
Low-Salt Choices - VHL HealthSheet #82081_VA
Here are some ideas for low-salt foods you can easily prepare yourself.
4 Steps for Eating Healthier - VHL HealthSheet #82590_VA
Changing the way you eat can reduce many of your risk factors. It can lower your cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight. Your diet doesn’t have to be bland and boring to be healthy. Just follow these 3 steps: eat less fat and salt, and eat more fiber.
Using Herbs and Spices - VHL HealthSheet #85101_VA
Herbs and spices add flavor to cooking without adding fat or sodium.
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