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Causes and Effects of Stress - VHL HealthSheet #85163_VA
Anything that brings on feelings of stress is called a stressor. Today, we often face many stressors.
Keys to Managing Stress - VHL HealthSheet #85165_VA
To manage stress, learn to recognize what triggers your stress, then find positive ways to respond to those triggers.
Manage Stress with a Healthy Lifestyle - VHL HealthSheet #85169_VA
Ways to manage stress: Get enough sleep, follow a healthy diet and make time for yourself.
Identifying Causes of Stress - VHL HealthSheet #85446_VA
Knowing the causes of your stress will help you find ways to manage it.
Stress Relief: Activities - VHL HealthSheet #85448_VA
When you're feeling stressed, some simple exercises can provide relief right away.
Stress Relief: Relaxation - VHL HealthSheet #85450_VA
Focusing the mind helps provide stress relief. Taking 5 to 10 minutes to practice relaxation each day helps you feel more refreshed.
Stress Relief: A Positive Lifestyle - VHL HealthSheet #85452_VA
Learning to manage stress doesn't happen overnight. It's a process. The more you keep at it, the more you'll feel in control of daily events.
Stress Relief: Changing Your Response - VHL HealthSheet #85454_VA
You are the only person responsible for your thoughts and actions. This simple idea is your most powerful tool for managing stress.
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