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Weight Management: Getting Started - VHL HealthSheet #84622_VA
For some people, a healthy weight is higher or lower than average. Your doctor can help you decide on a healthy weight for you.
Weight Management: Overcoming Your Barriers - VHL HealthSheet #84625_VA
You can keep the weight off, if you make changes slowly and stick with them. Consider that you may never find the perfect time to lose weight. Decide that the right time to be healthier is now.
Understanding Body Mass Index (BMI) - VHL HealthSheet #84627_VA
Body mass index (BMI) is a way of finding a healthyweight. The higher your BMI, the greater your risk for obesity and health problems. Use this chart.
Weight Management: Healthy Eating - VHL HealthSheet #84629_VA
Food is your body’s fuel. You can’t live without it. The key is to give your body enough nutrients and energy without eating too much. Learn new eating habits to manage your weight.
Weight Management and Physical Activity - VHL HealthSheet #84631_VA
Studies show that people who exercise are the most likely to lose weight and keep it off. Exercise burns calories. It helps build muscle to make your body stronger. Make exercise part of your weight-management plan.
Weight Management: Take it Off and Keep it Off - VHL HealthSheet #84633_VA
It’s easy to be motivated when you first start. The key is to stay motivated all along the way. Here are things you can do to keep yourself on the path to success.
Weight Management: Fact and Fiction - VHL HealthSheet #84635_VA
Knowing the truth about losing weight can help you separate what works from what doesn’t. Don’t be taken in by expensive weight-loss fads like pills, herbs, and special foods. There’s no magic way to lose weight.
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