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For Caregivers: Regaining Movement After Stroke

After a stroke, a person may have trouble using all or part of the body. Often the arm and leg on one side are weak, numb, or stiff.

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Understanding Stroke

Stroke is the result of problems with the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.

Life After Stroke

Recovery starts with regaining strength and abilities. It continues with moving back into daily life, making healthy changes along the way.

Understanding Tests and Procedures

Tests help your doctor learn more about your stroke and what caused it. Certain treatments may help prevent another stroke.

Stroke - View 'Stroke' video

A stroke occurs when either too much blood or too little blood disrupts blood flow to part of the brain.

Preventing Recurrent Stroke

Having one stroke makes you more likely to have another. But, with the help of your doctor, you can prevent another stroke.

Stroke Prevention

The good news: many strokes can be prevented. To do this, address your risk factors and make changes to live healthier.

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