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Mood Swings and Depression After a Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #82589_VA
After a stroke, a person may feel sudden or extreme emotions. Sadness and depression are common.
For Caregivers: Self-Care After Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #88888_VA
After a stroke, people can regain a sense of power by helping take care of themselves.
For Caregivers: Regaining Movement After Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #88884_VA
After a stroke, a person may have trouble using all or part of the body. Often the arm and leg on one side are weak, numb, or stiff.
Stroke: Self-Care - VHL HealthSheet #82594_VA
By learning a few new ways of doing things, most people who have had a stroke can bathe and dress themselves.
For Caregivers: Coping Tips - VHL HealthSheet #82599_VA
Caregivers often feel they must tend to their loved one’s needs full time. But burning yourself out doesn’t help anyone and can negatively affect your own health.
For Caregivers: Swallowing Problems After Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #88886_VA
Some people have trouble swallowing (dysphagia) after a stroke. This makes choking more likely.
Transfer: Wheelchair to Chair - VHL HealthSheet #88898_VA
For safety, have the therapist show you the correct way to help someone out of a wheelchair.
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