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Understanding Stroke

What is Stroke?

Symptoms of Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #82577_VA
During a stroke, blood stops flowing to part of the brain. This can damage areas in the brain that control the rest of the body. Call 911 and get help right away if any of these symptoms come on suddenly, even if the symptoms don’t last.
The First Few Hours After a Stroke - VHL HealthSheet #40954_VA
The earlier treatment is started after symptoms begin, the more likely you are to survive and recover.
Effects of a Stroke on the Brain and Body - VHL HealthSheet #40948_VA
When blood supply is cut off from the brain, cells start to die from lack of oxygen. Within minutes, skills such as reasoning, speech, and some degree of arm, leg, or facial movement may be lost.
Understanding Dysphagia - VHL HealthSheet #82959_VA
If you have a problem swallowing foods or liquids, you may have dysphagia.
What Is Aphasia? - VHL HealthSheet #82575_VA
Aphasia is a loss of language skills. It may happen if the brain is damaged. This usually happens after a stroke. It can also happen from brain injury, tumors, or neurological disorders.
What Is Dysarthria? - VHL HealthSheet #82581_VA
Dysarthria is a speech problem caused by a weakness or a lack of control over muscles in the face, mouth, and respiratory system. Dysarthria may be congenital (present at birth) because of a disorder such as cerebral palsy or the result of a stroke or brain injury.
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