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Physical Therapy

After Lower Limb Amputation
Rehab helps you adjust to the loss of a limb. It also teaches you how to function without your limb.
Back Rehabilitation
Back problems can stop you in your tracks. Strengthen key muscles so you can be on the go again.
Foot and Ankle Rehabilitation
Exercises that stretch and strengthen your foot, ankle, and leg can help speed your recovery.
Hand and Wrist Rehabilitation
Are you healing after hand or wrist surgery or an injury? These exercises can help you.
Hip and Knee Rehabilitation
You may have had a hip or knee injury, surgery, or replacement. These exercises can help your recovery and get you walking again.
Neck Rehabilitation
Rehab can help you heal. It can also help you avoid reinjuring your neck. Learn what exercises to do and how to do them safely.
Shoulder Rehabilitation
An injured shoulder needs to keep moving while it heals. These exercises will help you do this safely.
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