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Stroke: Tips for Swallowing

Which Side of Mouth to Use:

Checkbox. Left

Checkbox. Right

Your speech therapist may put you on a special diet to help make swallowing safer and easier. Your diet will change as your swallowing improves. Follow the swallowing guide below. Ask your speech therapist to check off the boxes that apply to you.

Guide for Swallowing


Slice of bread and apple.

Checkbox. None

Image of block Puréed

Checkbox. Soft

Checkbox. Regular

Checkbox. Other _________________


Cup of coffee and glass of water.

Checkbox. None by mouth

Checkbox. Ultra thick

Checkbox. Thick

Checkbox. Thin

Checkbox. Other _________________


Pill bottles.

Checkbox. None by mouth

Checkbox. Crushed tablet

Checkbox. Liquid form only

Checkbox. With food

Checkbox. With water

Checkbox. Other _________________

Body Posture


Checkbox.  Sit up straight (90 degrees)

Checkbox. Recline ______ degrees

Checkbox. Face forward

Checkbox. Remain upright ______ minutes after a meal

Checkbox. Other _________________


Woman with head turned to side.

Checkbox.  Turn head left/right

Checkbox. Tuck chin for each swallow

Checkbox. Tuck chin for ___________

Checkbox. 2 swallows/double swallow

Checkbox. Alternate liquids and solids

Checkbox. Other _________________

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