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Clear-Cornea Cataract Surgery: Removing the Old Lens

Incision Size

A smaller incision (top) means a shorter recovery time for you. The location of the incision will vary.

Front view of eye with small incision above iris. Front view of eye with long incision above iris. Smaller incision means shorter recovery time. Location of incision will vary.

You may be surprised by how little time clear-cornea cataract surgery takes. To help make the surgery painless, you will be given anesthesia. It may be in the form of eyedrops (topical) or an injection (local).

The Procedure

Your doctor uses a microscope and tiny instruments to make the incision and remove the old lens. A special instrument breaks apart the old lens with sound waves (ultrasound) and then removes the pieces. This process is called phacoemulsification.The natural membrane (capsule) that held your lens is left in place.

Cross section of front part of eye showing cornea, pupil, and lens. Incision is made near lens at edge of cornea. Instrument is breaking old lens apart. Suction in instrument is removing lens pieces. Capsule around lens is left in place.

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