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High Blood Pressure and Kidney Disease

If high blood pressure is not controlled, it can damage the walls of your blood vessels and the kidneys may become less able to filter your blood. Lowering high blood pressure can reduce the amount of damage to your kidneys and help slow any progression of kidney disease.

Man taking blood pressure at home with blood pressure cuff wrapped around upper arm.
Follow the instructions that come with your kit.

Example of a Normal Reading

115 - Systolic  75 - Diastolic

Check Your Blood Pressure Often

Checking your blood pressure is a simple test that you can do at home. Most drugstores and pharmacies sell blood pressure kits. For best results, keep the hints below in mind.

  • Always take your blood pressure at the same time of the day. Morning may be best.

  • Sit so that you feel relaxed.

  • Use the cuff on your bare arm.

  • Place the cuff so it fits snugly on your upper arm.

  • Follow all the instructions that come with your kit.

  • Keep a record of all your blood pressure readings.

  • Take your record and kit with you to all visits with your healthcare provider. Ask your healthcare provider to check your blood pressure using your kit, and compare your readings with your healthcare provider’s.

Man sitting on edge of bed putting pill in mouth, holding glass of water.

Take Medication As Directed

Blood pressure medications often play a large role in treatment. Your medication will work best if it’s taken as directed. Be sure to do these things:

  • Take your medication at the same time each day.

  • Find out if it should be taken with food.

  • Call your healthcare provider if you think the medication is making you dizzy or sick to your stomach.

  • Do not skip doses.

  • Do not stop taking your medication unless your healthcare provider tells you to. Doing so may be harmful.

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