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Your Breast Biopsy Results

Waiting for biopsy results is never easy. But you’ll know your results within days. You may get the results during a follow-up visit with your healthcare provider. Or, your healthcare provider may call you with the results. Either way, your healthcare provider will discuss what the lab results mean for you. Many benign lumps need no care at all. If a lump is malignant, you will have many things to think about. The good news is that more treatment options exist now than ever before.

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If a lump is benign

Learning that a lump is benign can be a great relief. To stay healthy, be sure to have mammograms and clinical exams as often as directed. 

Treating benign lumps

Lumps that come and go with your periods may not need any treatment. Limiting salt, caffeine, and alcohol can help relieve any soreness and swelling. But in some cases, you may want to have a cyst drained or a painful lump removed.

If a lump is malignant

Having breast cancer means that some cells in your breast are growing abnormally. These cells divide more quickly than normal cells and may spread into other areas of tissue. Yet today the outlook is hopeful. There are new and better treatments. You will play an active role in your care.

Treating malignant lumps

There is no one right treatment for breast cancer. The best approach for you will depend on the type and the stage of cancer you have. Treatment will also depend on your age, overall health, feelings, and needs. Give yourself some time to weigh all your options. Learning as much as you can about breast cancer can help you make wise decisions.

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