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How You Can Control Your Asthma

You can do a lot to manage your asthma and improve your quality of life. Based on your evaluation, you and your healthcare team will develop a plan designed to control your asthma. But it’s up to you to put this plan into action. This sheet will give you the tools and information you need to follow this action plan. Doing so will help you feel healthier, more energetic, and more in control.

Why You Need to Take Control

Problems caused by asthma won’t go away on their own. You need day-to-day control of the inflammation in your lungs. You also need to control symptoms when you have them. These are lifelong tasks. But the more you stay in control, the better you’ll feel. If you don’t stay in control:

  • Asthma symptoms can negatively affect your life. You may miss school, work, or activities that you enjoy.

  • Asthma flare-ups can be dangerous, even deadly.

  • Uncontrolled asthma may cause permanent damage to your lungs.

Man using peak flow monitor.

Peak flow monitoring helps measure how open your airways are.

Boy using metered-dose inhaler with spacer.

Taking medications helps you control your asthma. You’ll also learn how the different types of asthma medications work.

Traffic light with green, yellow, and red lights.

Using asthma zones will help you keep track of and respond to asthma symptoms.

Cigarette in ashtray.

Avoiding triggers—the things that inflame your airways—will help prevent symptoms and flare-ups.

Your Action Plan

Your healthcare team will help you design a personal action plan to control your asthma. It includes all the steps you need to care for yourself. Ask your healthcare team to write this information down. This will help remind you how to manage your asthma so you can feel your best.

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