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Hallucinations and Schizophrenia

The experience of hallucinations is a part of schizophrenia for many people. A hallucination is when you perceive something that is not really there. A hallucination can involve any of the 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch. The 2 most common types of hallucinations are:

  • Auditory hallucinations. These are the most common type. They are also informally known as “hearing things.” A person may hear a voice calling their name. They may hear many voices talking. The voice or voices may say things that are frightening. A person with schizophrenia may hear voices telling them to do things, such as harm themselves or someone else. These are known as command hallucinations. People may also hear other sounds, besides voices, such as music or other common sounds.

  • Visual hallucinations. These are also informally known as “seeing things.” A person may see another person, an animal, or an object that other people do not see. At times, visual hallucinations can be pleasant, and at times they can be frightening.

  • Other types of hallucinations include:

  • Gustatory hallucination. Tasting something that is not there

  • Olfactory hallucination. Smelling something that is not there

  • Tactile hallucination. Feeling something that is not there

Some people have hallucinations that are not considered to be symptoms of mental illness. They may happen when a person is about to fall asleep. These are called hypnagogic hallucinations. Or they may occur when a person is just waking up. These are called hypnopompic hallucinations.


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